The title might make you think about how we should avoid carbs, but scientifically we need them, don’t we? How? So to lose weight we used to cut them out, but all of them are not bad. In fact, they are really important in our lifestyle. Carbs are considered the worst enemy in our diet, and not all the foods that contain carbs are harmful while we are trying to lose weight. So, our goal here is to find a way to eat them consciously because some of them appear in our favorite food and let’s be honest, we don’t want to avoid those savory desserts all of the time. Let’s see if there is room for them in our weight loss meal plan and why, so we won’t feel guilty after eating them.

Carbohydrates are always blamed for weight gain, but not all of the carbs are bad. Apart from the fact that they are essential nutrients for our body, the key is to know how to choose them and at what time of the day we should eat them.

Good carbohydrates are those that provide us with vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are a source of energy for the body, it is very important to know ​when we can eat them. Early in the morning, when our day just begins, is the best time to eat carbohydrates. We will spend the energy they provide us on the activities that we perform during the day since we still have all afternoon in which we will be consuming energy. Past six o’clock in the afternoon, it is not advisable to take them, because if we are not going to make an important caloric expenditure, like going to the gym, for example, we will not have an opportunity to burn the energy that they provide us and they could end up stored in the form of fat. At dinner, there are low-carb vegetables that we could use to accompany the proteins we eat at dinner, but we must be careful and limit ourselves to few carbohydrates before going to bed if we want to stick to out weight loss planner.

There are two types of carbs, simple carbohydrates, and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates have one or two sugars, which are absorbed quickly by our body. They offer quick energy that if not spent, the organism will keep them in the form of fat.

Complex carbohydrates are larger molecules, which are composed of different types of sugars. They are released slowly in the body and do not produce blood glucose peaks as high as simple carbohydrates, therefore they are more appropriate and beneficial when we try to lose weight and there are many healthy recipes for weight loss that use complex carbs.

What foods contain carbs that can help us lose weight?

We already know ​what ​types of carbs we need to lose weight or to have fast energy we also know ​when in our day we should eat them, so the last and equally important thing to know is ​what​ ​food​ and ​how​ we should cook them.

Potatoes​ – they have few calories, but if we make them in a puree, they don’t make us gain weight. Of course it’s really important the quantity of potatoes that we take, but if we cook them boiled, steamed or baked, they are a good source of energy.

Oats​ – An ideal carbohydrate that has more nutrients and fiber. And thanks to its insoluble fiber, it helps us reduce the sensation of hunger.

Brown rice​ – Helps to control blood sugar levels which helps to lose weight and prevent the development of ​diabetes type 2​.

Pineapple​ – It helps to increase gastric content, making us feel full and helping us to eat less. It has very few calories and offers us a lot of water that helps prevent fluid retention.

So now you know. The trick is to eat them before six o’clock, and in this way of consuming them we will get their interesting benefits. Without this they prevent us from losing weight. I’m not saying that we have to be on a strict diet 24/7 because that can be difficult with all the good food that we have, but we can eat carbs in the proper way and there are plenty of healthy diet plans that incorporate carbs. Also, I’m not saying that we should stop eating them or start avoiding some meals, remember carbs can be an important part of a balanced diet.